Tokay Gecko for Medicines

Tokay Gecko for HIV / AIDS Treatment Researches:

In recent years, adult Tokay Geckos have become a highly sought after gecko species in the Southeast Asia countries (i.e. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.) due to the arrival of overseas buyers from the North America, Western Europe, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore and the South Korea. These Tokay buyers are all over the countries in order to buy the adult Tokays of over 350 grams in weight. A healthy Tokay gecko of this size (over 300 grams each) reportedly can be made into drugs/medication (see Note below) for the treatment of HIV infection and the research of “Aquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome” (AIDS) cures.

Tokay Geckos for Medicines

NOTE: There is a chemical substance called “Tri- Hexapentaphenicol” (IUPAC nomenclature) that medical researches claim can inhibit HIV infection and H1N1 virus, and it can be found in the enzymes of healthy adult Tokay’s saliva, venom and certain body organs/tissues (e.g. Tokay’s tongue, gallbladder, liver, skin, etc.)

AIDS is a viral disease of humans caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which attacks and compromises the body’s natural immune system. Common manifestations of HIV infection include tiredness, lymph node enlargement, weight loss, fever, and yeast infections of the mouth and vagina. (Source: Gale Encyclopedia of Public Health HIV/AIDS)

Global HIV & AIDS Infections 2007 Map

So far there is no scientific report on that Tokay geckos can be used to completely eradicate the HIV infection, but many people have believe that this gecko species really can cure the venereal disease AIDS. Nevertheless, true or not whether there’s a cure for AIDS, only time will tell.

There is no cure for AIDS so far according to World Health Organization (WHO), and so far we don’t come across any medical journal that publishing the studies concerning Tokay geckos as a HIV/AIDS medicine.

Meanwhile, rumors saying that marketable sized Tokay Geckos can treat AIDS have helped raised their selling prices in the local as we as international marketplaces. Even like that, there are still many Tokay buyers from overseas who are very keen on buying them.

Tokay Gecko for Cancer Treatments:

Some people believe that Tokay gecko’s blood and bile can exert anti-tumour effects in cancer patients, but is it true?

Cancer Cell Detailed Image

In the past 40 years, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) have obtained significant achievements in cancer treatment by integrating TCM with chemotherapy (i.e chemotherapy is one of the major techniques to fight cancer tumours in modern Western medicine at present, but it has strong side effects to the cancer patients).

Most studies on effectiveness of TCM in anti-tumour concluded that TCM could suppress tumour cells though strengthening the healthy energy and reinforcing the immune system of body, with little to no adverse side effects to the subjects/patients.

According to the cancer research study conducted by a leading professor from the Henan University of China (Note: the research findings were published on 07-July-2008 in the “W. J. of Gastroenterology”), Tokay gecko’s active substance could not only reinforced the immune system of organism, but also evocation of tumour cell death through apoptosis and the suppress protein expression of VEGF (i.e. a signalling protein that stimulates tumour growth) and bFGF, which is vital to cancer growth and evolution.

The above-mentioned cancer research and TCM studies have indicated how Tokay geckos and a traditioanl Chinese medicine shows anti-tumour effects, but more advance researches and studies are needed before we can say that Tokay gecko’s blood and bile can evoke anti-tumour effects in cancer patients.

Tokay Gecko as Home Remedies for Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) in Men:

Many people in the Asia believe that Tokay gecko’s meat is a sex enhancer medicine that increases man’s sexual desire and stamina, hence it can be used to cure the erectile dysfunction (ED) problem in men. Tokays are widely used in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for such purpose, i.e. to cure impotence problem in men.

Tokay Geckos for ED Home Remedies

Tokay Geckos for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

Tokay gecko is still a valued ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for a variety of health benefits it can offer to the people. Only dried adult Tokay geckos (i.e. see image below. Tokays are killed, tied to a stick and left in the sun to dry) are used in TCM, in which they will be grounded into powder before being made into capsules/pills (e.g. gecko asthma capsule) for curing a variety ailments such as that described below:

Dried Tokay Geckos Used for TCM

  • Adult Tokay geckos have a very useful active ingredient (i.e. antibody) that our human bodies needed to neutralize toxins that cause all types of skin and respiratory allergies such as asthma, coughs, eczema, hives, scabies, and others.
  • The powder made from dried Tokays are used in TCM for treating tuberculosis.
  • Tokay made TCM sexual enhancer is used for treating man’s erectile dysfunction (ED) problems.
  • Although the World Health Organization (WHO) so far have not anounced a drug that can cure AIDS completely, some desperate people believe that the TCM made from Tokay’s tongue is effective in treating HIV infections and curing the disease AIDS.
  • The Tokay’s ability to rapidly regenerate cells of the tail, believed by the TCM practitioners to be beneficial to replace damaged cells in the injured human bodies. Tokay gecko’s such ability reportedly can also instantly restore the power and vitality of man after intimacy.
  • Tokay geckos are commonly used in TCM that has anti-tumor effects. Such medicine is used to eliminate malignant tumors in human bodies, in particular those tumors found in the digestive system. A published medical study had reported that Tokay geckos have cetain types of active substance that not only can improve the immune system of an organism, but also induces apoptosis (i.e. suicide) of cancer cells and suppress the VEGF and bFGf proteins that help in cancer cell development and evolution.

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