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TokayGeckos.org makes it easy for you to decide which legitimate tokay buyers and sellers are credible and available. We hope our global Tokay Gecko Info Marketplace has met our objectives of helping you find the exact information you need to choose the best tokay buyer/seller for your legitimate tokay gecko businesses.

Neither the website TokayGeckos.org nor its webmasters and owners endorse or promote Tokay gecko trading through this website. Registered or licensed traders of Tokay gecko from any country may use TokayGeckos.org as a meeting place for information exchange only, i.e. there will be no activities of legal and illegal tradings of Tokay gecko happen on this website.

TokayGeckos.org is a content website and we charge all our users NO FEE for using this website. We do not expressly collect your personal information (i.e. your name, email address and/or phone number) unless otherwise stated. We won’t sell your personal information to anyone else for whatsoever reasons.

If there’s anything you’d like to recommend or comment on, please let us know so we can make our website TokayGeckos.org even better and more resourceful.

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Last updated: 04-06-2011

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