Are you looking to get into legitimate Tokay gecko trading for medical uses? has researched and put together some valuable information about Tokay info marketplace (Tokay Gecko info marketplace), Tokay gecko for medicines, Tokay conservation, and facts of Tokay gecko in different categories of the website.

Tokay Gecko Info Marketplace:

If you are interested in buying or selling Tokay geckos in a legitimate way, browsing through our Tokay Info Marketplace (Tokay gecko Info Marketplace) could help you finding useful information about genuine and registered traders of Tokay gecko in an easy way.

This section of outlines some latest and important issues related to Tokay gecko buying & selling, pricing of marketable Tokay geckos, and license/permit required in a legitimate Tokay gecko trading. For the purpose of graphical illustration, photos of tradable Tokay geckos from different sources are also presented in the section of Tokay gecko online marketplace.

Tokay Gecko for Medicines: is an information website concerning tradable Tokay geckos for use in both the modern and folk medicines. This section of our website would outline and describe Tokay Gecko for Medicines to treat/cure HIV/AIDS, cancers in human, and impotence (i.e. erectile dysfunction) in men.

The medical applications of Tokay gecko in varies traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) are also described in the same manner in this section of our website at

If you are involving in the local and/or international trading of Tokay geckos for medicines, this section of our website could help you to gain further understanding for the current issues related to Tokay gecko for medicines.

Tokay Gecko Fact Sheet:

If you are new to the family Gekkonidae (Geckos) of lizard species, finding and choosing your first Tokay gecko could be a difficult task with varies subfamilies (i.e. Aeluroscalabotes, Diplodactylinae, Eublepharinae, Gekkoninae, and Teratoscincinae) of Geckos available in the Tokay marketplace. You may want to educate yourself first about varies Facts of Tokay Gecko before putting your time and money into buying and selling Tokay geckos legally for medical researches and uses.

We outlined in this section of different facts of Tokay geckos including the naming, vocalization & calls, body sizes (length & weight), lifespan, artificial & natural habitats, wild distribution, handling & basic cares, conservation, and medical applications of Tokay gecko.

Tokay News and Reports:

News and reports from varies online as well as offline sources are presented through the Tokay News and Reports section of this website. News coverages may include issues concerning illegal Tokay trading, wildlife protection laws for Tokay geckos, Tokay gecko conservations, etc.

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